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Organisational Objective through Leadership Values

Why Choose UsGiven your operating context and, values of your organisation, what would an appropriate H&S framework look like?

What specific framework activities demonstrate those values?

How would those values, framework and activities change if your framework was built to protect your family?

As I worked my very first Christmas and New Years since 1999, on another intervention and completion contract, I find myself reflecting on multiple projects, multiple industries and the levels of performance achieved. I have experienced a notable increase in incident investigations, improvement strategies, site shutdowns, resignations and removals. The antiquated normal and notable observed failures have include H&S Risk Frameworks that:

  1. Have a value based on administrative legal compliance
  2. Do not adequately create visible leadership & effective workforce engagement
  3. Do not Create Value through training supervision and motivating the workforce.
  4. Are recycled under countless ad-hoc modifications concurrent to running projects
  5. Do not include a sound operational risk assessment workshop where there has been an adequate assessment of suitability of controls, identification of actions and hold points and ownership given to responsible stakeholders.
  6. Provide ample opportunities for improvement in Planning & Assurance
  7. Led by inexperienced custodians in emerging industries and companies.

Organisational Strategy – creating Value through shared objectives.

I have always said, to those that know me in industry, that I try to approach my role and moreover, people with a care factor that I would expect of those supporting my family.

This I have always felt maintains my professional objective and a healthy degree of conviction for those courageous conversations.

The difficulty in driving a strategy and its objectives includes such things as resources, time and moreover, leadership values to drive any strategy forward.

A sound organisational implementation/improvement strategy will have detailed mile-stoned objectives driven by 3 key elements;

  1. Leadership Visible Commitment – Communication & Workforce Engagement
  2. Creating Value – a Jobready Workforce & Empowered Supervision
  3. Sound H&S Risk Framework – a suitable “Plan”, a solid “Do”, a bespoke “Review”

A strategy that would achieve;

  • Leadership engaging in proactive collaboration to ensure organisational learning & development and; Leadership sharing understanding of task risk exposure through workplace engagement.
  • Motivating a workforce in what good looks like in industry bench-marked practices supervised by Coached supervisors in Visible Active Leadership.
  • Organisational control in Risk Program Deliverable’s in Contract Life Cycle
  • An active assurance regime that finds opportunity for improvement and ensures understanding and management of risk with up-to-date knowledge.

To the industry leaders what strategy are you working to?  Do you have a strategy?

If not, is this organisational failure or leadership complacency?

Complacency; a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder. *Cambridge Dictionary

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