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Job Ready

JobReadyDefine your Risk, Perceive your Risk, Manage your Risk!

Job Ready is how we would want to manage risk for our loved ones in our workplace.
Job Ready is all inclusive Communication & Commitment!
Job Ready is typically the Campaign Vehicle for an organisational Improvement Strategy.

Job Ready is;
HOW we train, interact with and motivate our workforce.
HOW every individual assesses their exposure to daily task hazards
HOW every individual determines their key controls. – Job Ready!


JobReady is;

Belief – Every injury & Incident is preventable

Translating into

Expectation –simple & specific & understood expectations.


Attitude & Performance – A workforce who Define Risk, Perceive Risk and Manage Risk


Is your workforce Job Ready?

To achieve Zero Incidents Injuries (Zero II), an organisation must establish clear expectations.
The first expectation of a workday should be one that invigorates the mind of the individual to the task ahead.
The first expectation should be the first of a series of defined & simple expectations established to achieve Zero II.