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Organisational Improvement Strategies

– James Thomas has developed H&S improvement & implementation strategies for LNG projects, mines, contractors and a multinational corporation throughout Asia-Pacific.

We build improvement into existing overheads.Improve your safety performance through enhancing your implementation of communication, training & visible leadership.

  1. RSA Assess your organisation
    RSA conduct thorough assessment of your organisation’s systems, leadership commitment, communication, training, workplace conditions & practices.
    Whilst we assess compliance to Australian Standards & Legislation, we assess the practical exposure to risk in the workplace with high attention to detail backed by strong technical knowledge.
  2. We Establish Path Forward
    Improvement strategy developed in consultation with organisation’s key stakeholders to ensure clear measurable expectations mile stoned in achievable timeframes.
  3. RSA Audit & Coach Strategy
    RSA can tailor an ongoing support program to monitor & coach process.

RSA Improvement Strategies are recommended for organization’s that do not have a long term need for an overtly experienced safety professional however require;

  1. A step change in their current safety performance
  2. Leadership H&S coaching
  3. Coaching of H&S professionals in the early stages of their career in Risk management

“Commitment NOT Complexity”
Typically company H&S frameworks are good however often the content is complex, cumbersome &/or unknown to stakeholders!
Typically training is uninspiring, lacks care factor and fails in introducing new starters to personal risk management principles.
Typically corporate strategy is a degree or two separated from site implementation.
Ask a colleague for the definition of risk and watch the majority fall into a world of Waffle.

RSA believe;
• H&S strategy should involve H&S professionals with Real Industry Safety Knowledge.
• H&S strategy should be owned by key stakeholders through Communication & Commitment!
• H&S Frameworks should be simple, streamlined, value adding and integrated into how you do business.
• Inductions should be an inspiring motivation exercise introducing new starters to personal risk management principles.
• A worker should define risk, perceive risk & understand HOW they will assess their exposure to key task hazards.

You can influence any organisation through a committed, united leadership with a clear ongoing H&S strategy.
A strategy encompassing the worker through to the company leadership and back again.

If you believe that safety is hitting your overheads & getting too complex, DO something about it!
Contact RSA to discuss how we can assist you in doing things differently!