Real Industry Safety Knowledge

Commitment NOT Complexity

“H&S systems are getting too complex”, is something I am hearing from H&S professionals & management alike.
H&S Frameworks should be simple, streamlined and value adding.

I have found through auditing and managing many of the top tier construction companies across Australia, that whilst in some cases H&S frameworks content is complex and/or cumbersome, many company H&S frameworks are good, many excellent in fact.

Perhaps the focal point missed by some is that we should be talking about enhancing leadership Commitment, not the degree of systems Complexity. We should be remedying a perspective of complexity stemming from the unknown.

H&S Frameworks should be integrated into how you do business, should be known, owned and implemented by leadership to influence the organisation.

We need to introduce H&S frameworks to our leadership through effective H&S Strategy built simply on organisational communication and through visible commitment. A H&S strategy that steers a leadership team to establish expectations of a leader, a team, a company in:
• How and what we communicate;
• What visible leadership practices we conduct;
• How we train, motivate and engage a workforce to assess everyday risk.

If after effective ownership the H&S system is found to be complex in parts, then the leadership team in question can simplify without jeopardising effectiveness.

You can influence any organisation through a committed, united leadership.
By establishing commitment to an ongoing H&S strategy we simplify a H&S framework and moreover ultimately manage risk effectively.