Real Industry Safety Knowledge


The ‘Yaamagara’ Pilot Program 2020-2022

A boom in wind power construction, operation and maintenance is set to take place in Queensland in 2021-2023 and many indigenous and regional workers are set to benefit. But a comprehensive culture of safety appreciation is critical from the outset – as is a commitment from government […]

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Organisational Objective through Leadership Values

Given your operating context and, values of your organisation, what would an appropriate H&S framework look like? What specific framework activities demonstrate those values? How would those values, framework and activities change if your framework was built to protect your family? As I worked my very first […]

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Commitment NOT Complexity

“H&S systems are getting too complex”, is something I am hearing from H&S professionals & management alike. H&S Frameworks should be simple, streamlined and value adding. I have found through auditing and managing many of the top tier construction companies across Australia, that whilst in some cases […]

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